Own Your Path Program

UiPath Foundation will launch the Own Your Path (in Romanian called Caleidoscop) Program in the autumn of 2022, which aims to identify 1000 high school students from eighteen counties in Romania, with the addition of the most vulnerable areas from Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca. The target group of the program is the students that are about to start the 9th grade in one of our Partner High Schools and match our eligibility criteria.

Through Own Your Path, UiPath Foundation will support 1000 students coming from families who struggle to make ends meet. In order to encourage them to successfully finish their education path, the program’s support consists of a monthly scholarship and educational opportunities, ranging from English classes, to digital skills, personal development and career orientation courses, all of which developing the students` 21st century skills.

How does a student become part of the Own Your Path Program?

First of all, the student should be a newly admitted 9th grader to one of our Partner High Schools. Secondly, they should match our criteria:

  • The monthly income per family member should be less than 1100 RON if the family lives in the rural area, and less that 1500 RON if they come from urban areas, according to the OECD modified equivalence scale*
  • Their highschool admission grade should be higher than 6.5
  • Their maximum age at the time of recommendation should be 16.5 years old

*The OECD modified scale means that each family member has a specific coefficient: the first adult in the family = 1, any other adult in the family = 0.5, teenager aged between 14 and 18 yo = 0.5, child younger than 14 = 0.3

The eligibility criteria should be checked with the partner teacher and, if a student is declared eligible, the recommendation process will begin. The partner teacher will fill out a form with all the necessary data along with the necessary documents: ID cards, bank statement and others. UiPath Foundation will analyze all the recommendations and will announce all the 1000 students admitted in the program.

The UiPath Foundation Contract

All the admitted students will sign a contract with UiPath Foundation for being included in the Own Your Path program.

After the contract signing phase, the student becomes a participant in the Own Your Path Program. Each of them will receive a tablet and a digital platform account where they can access all the educational activities, community discussions and other learning materials. The educational activities will start in January 2023 and each student’s schedule will be personalized, set in accordance with their school schedule, so there won’t be any overlapping.