Reporting mechanism

Our goal is to show zero tolerance towards abuse or violence against children. Be our partner in reaching this goal!

If you want to submit a concern/complaint regarding a child welfare threat/issue, here is the place to do it.

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Please fill in the form below:
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Child welfare

This current form refers to a child welfare concern. (Include all the details you have at the moment of the report on the who, what, when and where. Explain why your concern has appeared and why you have decided to report the incident).

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The recipients are the Child Safeguarding Manager and the Child Safeguarding Officer(s).

The Child Safeguarding team will analyze and investigate the matter, and will decide whether the complaint is going to:

be dealt with in accordance with the internal child safeguarding procedure (taking relevant action and monitor the evolution locally).

should reach the authorities, in which case the organization will submit an official referral (to the Social Care Services or the Police) and follow-up on the evolution of the circumstances.

After receiving a complaint, both the Child Safeguarding Director and the Child Safeguarding Officer will decide whether the Child Safeguarding Policy requires updating.

In deciding the course of action, the child’s best interest is paramount. Records of complaints/reports are well kept within the organization. Reports are treated with confidentiality.

The subject of the complaint and all witnesses must cooperate fully and openly during internal investigations and hearings.

The internal investigations related to allegations of criminal behavior are to be discussed with formal authorities.

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