Dear children,


Together we will discover some tips and tricks on how to walk safely through the digital world and how to ensure your safety in offline interactions, during the educational programs in the presence of adults as well.


The whole YOU is made of different parts, each one built from the interactions you have with all the people around you. All these pieces create your identity.


And now, you may wonder: how can you take care of something that you can’t see?

This is why we launched this page: to guide you in being aware of your safety and security all the way. We know that you participate in both online and offline activities and, for that, we created a set of guidelines that has to be respected no matter what, by you and by all adults you interact with. You will discover here two sets of puzzle pieces that only work together. When they are mixed and connected, your safety is ensured!

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Child Safeguarding

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Annual Report 2023