Solidarity Fund for Ukraine

With the start of the war in Ukraine, lives have changed overnight. We’re witnessing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

The situation is dire. Support and assistance is critical. To mobilize a humanitarian response to the tragedy that’s unfolding before our eyes in Ukraine, we’ve launched the Solidarity Fund for Ukraine.

Your voluntary donations will assist with:

  • The children across Ukraine directly affected by war.
  • General emergency humanitarian relief for the people of Ukraine.
  • The wave of refugees who are crossing the border to Romania and will need emergency help.
  • The necessary support for underprivileged children in North-Eastern Romania and the potential relocation of the families in the event the conflict escalates.

Donate to the Solidarity Fund for Ukraine

Join us in supporting Ukraine by donating directly to the UiPath Foundation. The donations will benefit the Red Cross Ukraine, and the Red Cross Romania.


Target: $2M 70%

$1.4M                              $2M

Funds distribution

  • Immediate humanitarian aid for the general population
  • Support for the most vulnerable children and their families that reach Romania
  • Long-term support - integration & reconstruction
  • Unexpected situations

What has happened so far?

  • Almost 1.4 million dollars were raised with the help of UiPathers from across the world, of UiPath, which matched employees’ donations, and of external donors.
  • 3 trucks in the Romanian Red Cross humanitarian convoy were loaded with almost 65 tonnes of food and medical supplies.
  • A transport with 400 first aid kits and 400 blood stoppers was sent to Ukraine.
  • Together with Hope and Homes for Children Romania we have been supporting since April, 244 orphaned children from Ukraine who have arrived in Romania, covering their complex needs: from food and clothing to medical recovery sessions or psychological counselling, speech therapy and Romanian language.

Donate via PayPal or wire transfer:

Wire transfer at UiPath Foundation bank accounts opened at
Citibank Europe plc. Dublin, Romania branch:

RO68CITI0000000825104054 (RON)
RO93CITI0000000825104089 (USD)
RO46CITI0000000825104062 (EUR)

Donations from US entities or individuals residing in the United States via PayPal or wire transfer are not tax deductible.

Donate via Romanian United Fund:

Donations from US entities or individuals residing in the United States made via Romanian United Fund are tax deductible.