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Silviu Predan

Purna Singh

Growth CoE Practice Lead

6 hours volunteered in 2023

Volunteer since 2023
Teo Baciu

Purna, was one of the 12 global volunteers who participated in the online English Conversation Club. Purna lives in the United States of America. Originally from India, he has worked throughout his career in France, the United Kingdom, and Japan. He loves children, his son even tells him that he still behaves like a child sometimes.

Participating in the English Conversation Club was a joyful experience for me. It was my first time interacting with Romanian children, so I was looking forward to meeting them and anxious at the same time. I told them fun facts and anecdotes of places and topics that were being discussed. I also told them that I believe that one day very soon with their power of knowledge and communication – they will visit these places and experience it themselves. So it was more a conversation amongst us, than a lesson.

I had a smile on my face when the call had ended, I had dialed in from New Zealand and I remember it was past midnight there, but I had gained so much positivity from our interaction. I would like to have actually met the kids and maybe shared a token from my part of the world with them to make all of this real. I only hope the kids found it as enriching as I did. I would definitely recommend it to all my colleagues at UiPath and would love to volunteer again this year, if possible in person this time.

Annual Report 2023