The volunteer who aspires to be a constructive force for good in the world

Fabien Durand was born and raised in Haiti, a country in North America situated in the Caribbean Islands. He moved to the United States when he was 14, and he is now based in Georgia. As a child, he was always curious and tinkering, taking things apart to learn how they work or fixing them. As an adult, his curiosity expanded into many passions: technology, music production, education & the list goes on.


Fabien joined UiPath more than two years ago. He recently switched roles to become a Business Analyst within the company’s Professionals Services team. On the job, he discovers opportunities for automation and provides coaching to customers’ internal automation teams. 


In 2020, he became a UiPath Foundation volunteer. His personal mission and creative nature brought him close to the foundation. Fabien immediately jumped in to help us create a series of videos we needed to launch the Mentorship Program in India. “I aspire to be a constructive force for good in the world, helping others, especially the less fortunate, to have a better human experience.”

Fabien, through the eyes of Alex Purcărea, illustrator

Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not

Having grown up in Haiti, living and travelling in different countries, Fabien witnessed first-hand how the lack of access to opportunities negatively impacted children and adults in various communities. “I’ve seen the disparate gap in opportunities for people in low-income communities versus those with readily available access and equity. The resulting perpetual hardship and suffering are heartbreaking. I believe helping children offers a stronger path to a more secure and sustainable future for those communities.” 


As a teenager, Fabien immigrated with his family to the United States. He considers himself privileged to have had the opportunity to access a better future and believes that any child has the potential to learn any skill and excel at anything. The only difference is whether or not they have the right support system to thrive – from basic needs and healthcare access to education opportunities. “I was fortunate to find a good educational path in the U.S. educational system. Many of my peers were not as lucky. I know of several who were bright but did not have the proper support to develop their talents further.”

Micro actions lead to Macro changes

Inspired by the testimonials he has read about the foundation’s Mentorship Program, Fabien decided to contribute his time to support our mission. He was part of our skills-based Volunteering Program because he is not based in Romania or India to interact directly with the children in our educational programs. Our skills-based volunteering opportunity offers the possibility of bringing personal skills and experience to a volunteer role to help us advance our mission. Fabien put his skills to work to edit a series of videos for the recruitment campaign for our Mentorship Program in India. 


Volunteering requires an open heart and the optimist belief that every action can significantly impact someone. Fabien embraces this philosophy, whether he volunteers for the UiPath Foundation or other organisation. “I love to resolve problems and generate solutions for other people, whether to simplify or bring joy to their lives. This passion followed me through my Mechanical Engineering degree, in my professional career and volunteering.”

Music is one of Fabien’s biggest passions

Disconnect to reconnect with nature 

A man of many hats

Volunteers have the power to inspire – through their ideas, kindness and passions. Fabien is such an example; he cannot be put in a box. As you already noticed, tinkering and curiosity are at the core of Fabien’s many passions – from technology and music to cooking and hiking.


Music has a special place in his heart. Fabien plays the piano and the guitar. After moving to the U.S., he had his own internet-connected computer and started experimenting with a music production software. He began recreating songs until he had enough courage to produce his original music. Fabien kept his music to himself for ten years, but in 2020 he put the fears aside and released an entire album of 16 tracks. Based on the positive feedback received, now aims to produce music targeted for TV & Advertisement. His music is available on all platforms. Enjoy!

I volunteered for UiPath Foundation because their mission aligns very well with my own by helping the children run their future. It is an excellent opportunity for me to contribute to my mission and learn how to replicate a similar Foundation for Haiti one day.

Fabien Durand

UiPath Foundation Volunteer

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The story is part of Volunteering is a Work of Heart series dedicated to the tireless work of the UiPath Foundation volunteers. The series showcases our volunteers’ stories from Romania, India and the United States. Each of them is accompanied by an illustration inspired by the volunteers & created by Alex Purcărea.

Annual Report 2023