Early Education Forward

Our intervention, developed together with OvidiuRo – our strategic partner, is a complex program focusing on ensuring access to quality early education to preschool children in the vulnerable communities, thus aiming to minimize the development gap they might focus when going to school and to reduce the risk of school drop out  they might confront with.


The focus of the program is not only directly on children, but also on providing the pre-school teachers  – providing them relevant training, thus helping them to adapt their teaching approach to current educational requirements – and on equipping the classrooms with quality educational resources.


Our partnership is taking our strategic partner OvidiuRo’s Association flagship program, Every Child Deserves A Story, to new areas în Romania – Galați and Vaslui counties as well as new areas in Bucharest.

The scope of the program is improving the language skills of pre-school children, by exposing them to reading opportunities and by offering them access to the right interaction and resources – age appropriate books to take home and share with their families “My First Book” and “Kinder-Libraries” – books and bookshelves for classrooms – the ready-made reading corners consisting of a child-friendly bookcase and a selection of high-quality, age-appropriate and curriculum-related books;


The Open Books Days – The name chosen for reading sessions in kindergartens have been organized and rolled out with the support of more than 30 UiPath volunteers – who chose to spend Thursday mornings in several kindergartens in Bucharest reading to children.


Another component of the program focuses on providing language and communication development training to preschool teachers.

Annual Report 2023