Discover the stories of our communities in Romania

The Future Acceleration Program is our flagship intervention, meant to identify 11 to 16 years old children and teenagers living in vulnerable communities in Romania and India and provide them with an integrated support package - monthly scholarships, learning activities, clothes etc. - to mitigate the risk of school dropout and stimulate their potential in the long-term.

An immersive audio experience

In Romania are 260 children and teenagers enrolled in the Future Acceleration Program. These are the life stories of five of them and one local coordinator, part of our team, who works with and for them. Through this immersive audio experience, you will deeply connect with the realities of the children and teenagers in our educational programs. Sometimes their realities are harsh and unfair, but they never cease to amaze us with their resilience, courage and potential. The audio stories present not only the stories of the children and teenagers but of their families too - parents and siblings - and show the dynamic of their communities.

The names of the children & teenagers and their families have been changed to protect their identities. Every character's mother tongue language is Romanian, but their stories have been adapted and interpreted in English to reach a global audience, as these stories are universal. Enjoy!

Annual Report 2022