Since January 2020,

UiPath Foundation contributes to the efforts of Bangalore based non-profit partner Dream a Dream to changing the life script for children. We focus on increasing opportunities for a better future by empowering underprivileged children to fight adversity and become resilient through access to life skills-oriented education.

Dream a Dream’s grassroots work is focused on developing specific life skills (problem solving, taking initiative, managing conflict, interacting with others, and understanding and following instructions).

We unite our efforts to enable children and teenagers to overcome adversity and facilitate deeper learning.

Life skills serve as a foundation for deeper learning skills such as analyzing, reasoning, and thinking critically.

In the long term, an improvement in deeper learning skills leads to improved economic opportunities (better jobs, higher pay) and health outcomes (reduced risky behaviors such as violence and drug abuse). UiPath Foundation is committed to this long-term partnership that aims at empowering over 4,000 children (aged 11 to 15 years old) during the next 2 years.

During the lockdown in India, UiPath Foundation together with UiPath India mobilized global resources from UiPath’s cofounders and employees to support all 4,000 children and their families with consistent ration kits during these unprecedented times.

UiPath Foundation is also contributing to the online adaptation of Dream a Dream mentorship program to the new realities created by COVID-19 for children across India. Our volunteers across India will inspire children from Dream a Dream programs and they will add an important step in empowering children to reach their potential despite the numerous challenges generated by the current context.

Annual Report 2023