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In all our activities, we are supported by dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. The UiPath Foundation community of volunteers is vibrant and tireless, reaching 6344 hours of volunteering in almost three years. Each of our 207 volunteers goes the extra mile to create enriching experiences for children or to help the foundation’s team members in their daily work.

The Volunteering Program is open to UiPath employees and their families. Soon, we plan to extend the volunteering opportunities to UiPath partners and clients.

We offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities that match the knowledge and the availability of the volunteers. From mentorship and summer camps to designing RPA courses for children and preparing webinars for teachers.

And not only that. The volunteers actively help the foundation’s team in various areas, such as website development or graphic design. We see every day the incredible value the volunteers are adding to our programs - through their dedication, kindness and skills.

Scenes from U&I Summer Camp 2021


Through this initiative, the children enrolled in our Future Acceleration Program in Romania and India, interact with role models to help them harness their potential and make better decisions for their future. The purpose of the Mentorship Program is to develop relevant life skills in children, such as self-confidence, decision making and personal leadership. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the program has taken place in a blended mode – face to face or online – consisting of group mentorship sessions.

That is not a path lightly taken by either the UiPath Foundation team or by our volunteers. It requires commitment, patience and, above all, an open spirit. All the volunteers enrolled in the program undergo hours of training before entering a mentor-mentee relationship. We make sure that the volunteers profoundly understand what mentorship entails and they are ready to take on the responsibility of a growing mind.

In Romania, we implement the program for the children based in Bucharest, Ferentari neighbourhood, and Cluj-Napoca. Between 2019 – 2021, a group of 89 mentors participated in the program offering guidance and meaningful discussions to 89 children.

In India, we implement the program in partnership with Dream a Dream, a non-profit organisation that empowers children and young people from vulnerable backgrounds to overcome adversity and thrive in a fast-changing world. Between 2020-2021, the program engaged 15 mentors and 30 children from India.

Testimonials from the UiPath Foundation mentors and volunteers

Volunteering for the kids in our programs

From participating in summer camps, book readings and Christmas parties for children to providing learning tools and exposing them to outdoor activities, our projects would have never been accomplished over the past years without the involvement of the dedicated volunteers.

The initiatives they got involved in are diverse, matching their availability, knowledge and personalities. Let’s get to know some of them better.

RPA for Kids

Based on the UiPath Academy curricula, the volunteers created an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) course adapted for the children and teenagers from disadvantaged communities enrolled in our Future Acceleration Program. The volunteers became teachers and taught the motivated participants basic UiPath Studio skills and ignited their passion for automation.

Inspirational Speakers

We aim to expand children’s horizons by presenting possible career paths that they can pursue. In a series of talks for children, the volunteers presented their life experiences and how they succeeded, despite the obstacles, to have a fulfilling professional and personal life.

U&I Summer Camp

Since 2019, UiPath Foundation organizes summer camps for the children in the Future Acceleration Program. The volunteers help with the organisation of the camp. They take care of the children, pay attention to their needs and inspire them through their personal stories.

A sneak peak at U&I Summer Camp

Skills-based volunteering

We give the UiPath employees the possibility to bring their skills and experience to a volunteer role to support us in advancing our mission. Since we started our activity, the volunteers have supported us in various areas of our work, such as website development, graphic design, video production, translation services, legal counselling, IT support, delivery of goods in our communities or software robots.

I helped the foundation’s team with great pleasure. Afterwards, when the colleagues who distributed the tablets sent me photos with each child smiling with the tablet in their hands, I had forgotten all about the exhaustion.


IT Support Analyst at UiPath in Romania, helps us to program the kids’ tablets

When you are trying to help the children at grassroot level, they will in turn contribute further to creating a better future for their countries. The UiPath Foundation is doing a great work and I appreciate it.


Software Engineer at UiPath in India, helps us with translations

Nothing is like what the foundation does directly for the children, guiding them through their educational journey. I feel that the legal support that I offer on different subjects, even though indirect, has an impact on their lives.


Senior Legal Counsel at UiPath in Romania

A global community of supporters

In addition to our community of 183 volunteers, we have a community of supporters created around the UiPath Foundation Virtual Marathon powered together with UiPath. In the last two years, more than 500 participants – UiPathers & their families – have attended the virtual marathon and spread the word about our mission: enabling children’s access to quality and relevant education. In our view, the marathon is open to participants of all forms and physical activities. Everyone can complete the challenge through whatever means best support their physical abilities.

Shots from the 2021's virtual marathon

What the children say

I met wonderful people! Lots of friendly volunteers! They helped me grow. I gave up the shyness I had for a long time. I learned not to be afraid to try new things.

Bianca, 12 years,

about her experience in our programs

I appreciate your nice behaviour, your guidance and the fact that you listen to us whenever we have a problem.

Cătălin, 13 years,


I loved having fun with the other children and the volunteers. Thank you for making me more confident and always smile. I am happy that I have learned to be myself.

Gabriela, 14 years,

about the summer camp

Our community across the years

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