Volunteering through storytelling

“All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


Storytelling can communicate ideas, evoke emotions and create connections. It has the power to inspire. The personal story of someone can make you feel energized, hopeful, and engaged – instilled with a sense of purpose that drives positive change or a different mindset. Having these things in mind, we wanted to put the positive stories in our community to work, to inspire the children in our educational programs. This is how our initiative Inspirational Speakers was born.

The first edition of Inspirational Speakers

We aim to expand children’s horizons by presenting them with possible life paths. In a series of talks dedicated to the children enrolled in our Future Acceleration Program, the volunteers presented their life experiences and how they succeeded, despite the obstacles, to have a fulfilling professional and personal life.


In 2021, 160 children aged between 11-17 discovered the life stories of 6 volunteers from UiPath. Luminița and Dragoș were part of Inspirational Speakers. We asked them a couple of questions to find out more about their stories and what motivates them to do volunteering.

Luminița, Legal Advisor at UiPath & our volunteer

Meet Luminița, Travel Enthusiast & Inspirational Speaker

She has been living in Romania for ten years. Born in Transnistria and raised in the Republic of Moldova, she has moved quite frequently during her entire life. This helped her realize the importance of the people that surround her. She is passionate about photography, travel, reading and sports.


Why were you part of the Inspirational Speakers project?

“During my university years, I had a mentor that believed in me and helped me a lot along the way. Realizing the impact that a mentor might have on someone’s future, I decided to get involved in activities that might make a difference in someone’s life.”


What have you taken from the experience?

“Speaking with children and realizing their day to day struggles and inquires was like a throwback to my childhood and teenage years. Remembering what I was dreaming about years ago helped me realize how far I have come in realizing my dreams. I appreciate more what I currently have. The experience also came with a reminder to always be enthusiastic about what is coming ahead and never stop wondering.”

Meet Dragoș, eLearning Enthusiast & Inspirational Speaker

Dragoș was born in Brașov and enjoyed his life as a child in a small city up in the mountains. He was bold enough to try various activities, such as being a football player, playing in the high school`s band, hiking or going sledding with his friends.


Nowadays, you can find him immersed in the eLearning field, building training courses, or helping customers to choose the right learning path or platform aligned to their needs.


Why do you think your story can inspire the kids?

“I am a big fan of biographies. I like to understand how the journey looked like for other people – what was easy and what barriers they encountered. Inspiration for me comes from their solutions to different situations that they were facing. I think I can inspire a kid or two because I was part of different projects and tried various industries. I worked with people from all around the world, and I faced situations that taught me valuable lessons.”


Why were you part of the Inspirational Speakers project?

“When I was a student, I had a mentor. All his stories and lessons helped me and directed my steps to choose a career in education. When I saw the invitation to be part of the Inspirational Speakers project, my first thought flew to my mentor, so I decided to join.”

Dragoș, Learning Program Manager at UiPath & our volunteer

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