Bucharest, June 22nd, 2021

UiPath Foundation launches the 2020 activity report, presenting the stories and the results of the educational programs carried out in vulnerable communities from Romania and India, as well as the foundation's response to the challenges of the 2020 pandemic crisis.

Since January 2019, UiPath Foundation has supported more than 25,000 children from vulnerable families in Romania and India to have access to quality education and over 3,000 teachers in Romania who have benefited from training activities aimed at improving their digital skills, the leadership in the vulnerable communities and the 21st century skills. About 12,450 children participated in educational activities in 6 communities from Romania and India and more than 15,000 hours were spent in 2020, in online tutoring for Romanian, Mathematics and English for children enrolled in the Future Acceleration Program, in Romania. The activity report recounts, beyond the impact results, a series of stories about the courage of children, teachers, partners, mentors and members of the UiPath Foundation team in their efforts to open up new opportunities to children in vulnerable communities.

2020 had a strong impact in our communities, amplifying the educational and social gaps already existing in vulnerable environments. We have managed, with great courage, resilience, and flexibility, together with our partners, not to alter the objective of our educational programs and to reconfigure the educational intervention to respond to the context generated by the pandemic. Our objective, since 2019, has been to build integrated and long-term support systems, by providing the necessary educational context to ensure that the unlimited potential of children does not remain trapped in poverty, and each of them can decide their path to the future by being exposed to a multitude of educational alternatives. The year 2020 confirmed that our mission cannot be achieved by a single organization and that synergies between different entities provide the most appropriate educational environment for children from disadvantaged families. We continue, in 2021, in the same spirit of solidarity and collaboration, together with our strategic and educational partners.

Raluca Negulescu-Balaci

Executive Director, UiPath Foundation

UiPath Foundation develops educational programs that involve integrated, long-term intervention, together with an ecosystem of partners, with the aim of fostering equal access to the future for all children, regardless of their background.

Future Acceleration Program

The foundation’s flagship program, is dedicated to children aged 11-16, who benefit from an integrated support package designed to cover the needs of children and their families: monthly scholarships, clothes, school items, food, medical services, psychological counseling, but also access to quality educational and development opportunities, both online and offline, for the advancement of the literacy and numeracy level, and language and digital skills.


In 2020, with the support of strategic partners in the intervention areas: Policy Center for Roma and Minorities (Bucharest, Ferentari), “Inimă de CopilFoundation (Galați County), ”Bună ziua, Copii din RomâniaAssociation (in Vaslui County), Pro Patrimonio Foundation (in Botoşani County), 368 children from these communities benefited from the program. The foundation’s support was also complemented by the ongoing involvement of 82 mentors and volunteers from UiPath, who spent more than 940 hours with the children in 2020.

Nurture Teachers' Potential

Is the second program implemented, through which UiPath Foundation, together with Teach for Romania, supports teachers from vulnerable communities to adapt their teaching methods to the specific needs of students and to the current requirements. 10 teachers from Brașov, Buzău, Dâmbovița and Galați counties received training on key skills delivered by the Teach for Romania tutors and 30 teachers from the public education system from Galați, Vaslui and Bucharest counties participated in the pilot phase of the Teaching as Leadership training program. In addition, 450 teachers from across the country received scholarships from the UiPath Foundation to develop their much-needed digital skills when transitioning to online school.

Early Education Forward

The foundation’s third program, Early Education Forward implemented with the strategic partner, OvidiuRo Association, ensures access to quality early education for preschoolers in vulnerable communities, through training opportunities for teachers and by equipping school spaces with quality educational resources. 365 educators participated in 15 online training sessions, 9,000 books were distributed to children and educators, and 35 KinderLibraries were sent to educators to equip kindergartens in vulnerable rural communities. 365 educators participated in 15 online training sessions, 9,000 books were distributed to children and educators, and 35 KinderLibraries were sent to educators to equip kindergartens in vulnerable rural communities.

The 2020 Annual Report also details other activities and partnerships initiated by UiPath Foundation last year, such as the Foundation’s response to the pandemic health crisis and the partnership with the documentary “Acasă, My home”.
All these stories presented in the 2020 Annual Report, (available here), stand under the sign of courage, the common motto of the strategic partnerships and the key element that made the implementation of all the educational programs possible, with the support of volunteers, mentors, parents, teachers. The report captures the results achieved and the experiences of those involved in each educational program.

Annual Report 2023