Teaching as leadership

The focus in our programs is on providing access to quality education to children in vulnerable communities.


Unfortunately, schools in such areas lack the necessary up-to-date educational resources and, in some cases, the teachers from these schools encounter difficulties in accessing good quality educational trainings.


The scope of our strategic partnership with Teach for Romania is to support teachers in these areas and to offer them access to modern teaching techniques, thus aiming at improving the children’ school performance by finding better, more appropriate methods to gain their interest in the school curricula, by stirring their curiosity and transforming the school in an enriching environment. These changes will also contribute to the reduction of the school drop-off rate, so high in these areas.

The partnership with Teach for Romania consists of a two-tier approach. On one hand, we support the journey of 10 teachers enrolled in the Teach for Romania programme and their integration process in the public schools in the underprivileged areas.  In parallel, we have worked to develop a training curricula, based on the Teach for Romania know-how, addressing the needs of teachers activating in the public schools where we conduct our intervention. More than 20 teachers from our communities have started in 2019 a learning journey that will continue in 2020, when we also aim at extending the program and include a new cohort of teachers.

Annual Report 2023