NABU, UiPath Foundation and OvidiuRO Association present

NABU is a reading app that works on mobile phones and tablets

It doesn’t need a fast internet connection or super performant devices, it needs children and parents who read stories. Our goal is to bring the power of stories into the lives of children everywhere and to build access roads to knowledge, the only superpower we really believe in.

What is NABU?

NABU for parents

We know it can be hard to convince your children to read. But NABU is here to help – the app is built to bring 15 minutes of reading every day into our daily lives.

You can read them yourself, save the books to read them together later on, or choose more and more complex readings, as your kids improve their reading. The important thing is to enjoy your time together. Download the app for free and let the little ones discover the joy of stories.

NABU for teachers

Use NABU during class or share it with your students and encourage them to read at home.

The NABU app allows kids to choose stories based on their reading level, discover current topics through their reading and, why not, even learn English: many of the books available are bilingual. In other words, they can continue at home what you teach them at school, with just a quarter of an hour every day.

NABU for children

We’re welcoming you with many stories about courage, friendship, and nature that you can read anytime you have a break.

Our characters are waiting for you in the app, no matter your reading level, with tales that teach you more about the world you live in and how you can make it a little bit better. The app is free, so tell your parents about NABU and discover how far you can get with just 15 minutes of reading a day!

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NABU’s mission is to help solve the global literacy crisis so that every child can read and reach their potential. NABU aims to give every child equal access to literacy by 2030.

Founding partner

Since 2019, UiPath Foundation supports children from vulnerable backgrounds to reach their potential and develop alongside their communities through equal access to education and the development of 21st century skills.

Strategic partner

Since 2004, the mission of the OvidiuRO Association has been to facilitate access to quality early education for all children in Romania, especially for those from vulnerable groups.

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