To picture a story

is a creative education program for children in our communities across Romania that we deliver together with British Council Romania, within the British Council’s Creative Life Skills series of workshops.


Over the course of three months, from April to June 2021, nine teenagers enrolled in our Future Acceleration Program from Vaslui, Cluj and Galati counties, learn and practice film photography and storytelling in English, in a series of bi-monthly workshops delivered by British Council teacher David Hughes, artist Wanda Hutira and communications expert Cosmin Anghel.


The ‘To picture a story’ workshops aim to help young students develop creative skills and English fluency through photography and storytelling, enabling them to capture and share their stories of everyday life in rural or small urban Romania.


The program focuses on developing students’ English fluency and creative abilities through two sets of skills:

Visual storytelling, by gaining a deeper understanding of the techniques of photography and using film cameras provided within the program to showcase slices of Romanian life from their own local perspective.

Written storytelling, by learning to develop short stories in Instagram caption formats that further convey their message for each photo, whether it relates to capturing a feeling or mood or providing context; through this, students develop written storytelling skills along with their English fluency.

Explore their work

Their film photographs, raw and unedited, along with their stories are published on Instagram at @topictureastory, showcasing life in different areas and backgrounds of Romania as part of the workshop’s creative program.

‘To picture a story’ program is developed together with British Council Romania. With special thanks to volunteer trainers David Hughes, Wanda Hutira and Cosmin Anghel.
Annual Report 2023