English Conversation Club: When Language Becomes a Bridge

In the dynamic landscape of education, English language skills have emerged as an indispensable asset for young learners. To this end, we’ve designed a new addition to the Future Acceleration Program’s roster of educational projects. Introducing: the English Conversation Club, our newest project that pairs twelve international speakers from the global UiPath community of employees with children from the program for interactive online activities. Through this project, we’re aiming to help the kids build confidence in communicating in English and expanding their vocabulary.


We’re striving to cultivate language proficiency, while also nurturing a community that celebrates multiculturality, and the notion that language is more than just words – it’s a gateway to connecting hearts and minds across boundaries. Kids aged 11-16 with pre-intermediate and intermediate levels of conversational English got to immerse themselves in interactive activities and conversations spanning topics such as Around the World, Technology Then & Now, Hobbies & Sports, and Foods & Drinks.

By leveraging the power of online connections, the English Conversation Club harnesses the diverse experiences and backgrounds of UiPath employees to create a space where children can engage in conversations with speakers who hail from different corners of the world. This way, the kids can expand their vocabulary while also enriching their understanding of cultural nuances. Through these sessions, the children are given an invaluable opportunity to transcend language barriers, and we’re opening doors to meaningful interactions that span continents.


Beyond the immediate language benefits, the experience of participating in the English Conversation Club holds the potential to be truly transformative. The ability to express thoughts and ideas in English lays the foundation for improved social skills, enabling these children to engage more confidently with peers, mentors, and individuals from diverse backgrounds. This exposure to global perspectives, at an impressionable age, fosters a sense of openness and curiosity that is fundamental in today’s interconnected world.

The English Conversation Club isn’t just about learning a language – it’s about fostering connections, nurturing self-assurance, and sowing the seeds of empathy. What inspired us the most was the tireless enthusiasm of these international speakers and their unwavering motivation to offer guidance so these young learners can steer their path towards a future enriched with communication skills and global understanding.


For this, and everything else, thank you to the twelve inspiring volunteers, Veronica DeSalvo, Emma Dumitru, Adi Ezer, Janette Hausler, Michelle Henriques, Venu Kannan, Boris Krumrey, Silvia Nan, Irina Opariuc, Hans Poppelaars, AJ Saltzberg and Purnananda Singh.

This enriching experience is curated by A_BEST, one of the biggest independent foreign language centres in Romania. They generously gifted this experience to the kids, from designing the methodology to facilitating the sessions and moderating the practical exercises.


Let’s celebrate the transformative journey of the English Conversation Club and the magic that unfolds when language becomes a bridge, when cultures collide to create a tapestry of shared experiences, and when young voices gain the power to shape a more connected world.


If you are a part of the global UiPath community of employees, you can sign up for any of our volunteering opportunities by getting in touch with our Volunteering Program Manager, Magda Țucăr.

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