The future acceleration program

We focus on identifying children from communities that experience poverty and exclusion in Romania and India (aged 11 to 16) and activate their potential through a long – term 360-degree support system that addresses the challenges of child deprivation.

In our approach, we take into consideration and carefully look after all aspects that may influence children’ participation in educational activities.

We started our intervention in 4 Romanian areas – Bucharest – Ferentari area, Cluj, Vaslui and Galați counties.  Together with our strategic partners – Policy Center for Roma and Minorities in Bucharest , Buna Ziua, Copii din Romania Association in Vaslui and “Heart of a child” Foundation in Galați, we have developed a complex intervention plan, taking into consideration the children’ various – basic or educational – needs. The result is a consistent support package, adapted to each child’s specific needs, that enables them to participate in educational activities.

Starting January 2020, we expanded our activity to a new area – Botoșani county – together with our new partner, Pro Patrimonio.

The intervention consists in:

Material support

scholarships, clothes, school supplies

Educational support

tutoring, classes, educational camps

Medical support

regular medical tests, dentistry, ophthalmology

Involving the community

teachers, schools, other local stakeholders

UiPath Foundation Kids Camp 1st – 6th September – Organised in the Romanian mountains, the camp gathered together the  140 children enrolled in our Future Acceleration Program and the 29 UiPath volunteers ensuring the smooth roll out of the camp. Iit was the first event this size, involving the newly created UiPath Foundation community.  Not only the very nice atmosphere but also the high quality activities the children participated in throughout the 5 days have generated a lifetime memory, so dear to  all those present.


The Mentorship Program has been developed with the aim of exposing the children to opportunities for different, enriching, human interactions. The pilot phase started in October 2019 bringing together the children in the Ferentari area in Bucharest and the UiPath  Romania volunteers. Throughout the entire year, mentees and mentors meet periodically and initiate common activities. The entire program has been developed with the help of specialized personnel, trainers and psychologists, guidance and monitoring being ensured throughout the program.

We are aware that access to education is only accessible when basic needs of children and their families are met. Their health condition is of our concern – regular medical checks and constant monitoring where needed is being provided.

Also, every season, children are provided with clothes and stationery items enabling their access to school.


Workshops for the teachers and parents in all communities, regarding skills and competencies of the future


After-school  Math and Romanian language classes are being provided to all children enrolled in our programs


The Christmas Caravan – December 2019 – this has been the joy caravan, tra velling to all the four areas, offering a new opportunity for children and volunteers to come together and celebrate the winter holidays in advance.

Annual Report 2023