Own Your Path Program

Developed by UiPath Foundation, the program is dedicated to high school students in need of support to be able to continue their studies. Through this Program, we aim to reach thousands of high schoolers from urban and rural areas from 20 counties in Romania.

Currently, 800 students from 80 partner schools are enrolled in Own Your Path.

Map of Partner Schools

Support Provided to High School Students

High schoolers remain enrolled in the Program until they turn 18 or until they graduate 11th grade, depending on which event occurs first. They benefit from a support package that includes:

Access to courses, including English language, Digital Skills, and other educational resources

Tablet with internet access for the duration of their participation in the program, where it is needed

Monthly scholarship, meant to support high school students to further their educational journey

Own Your Path Digital Educational Platform

The Platform consists of two modules:

Onboarding Portal
Used by the 170 partner teachers and the 80 partner schools during the recommendation process

E-Learning Platform
Where students participate in educational activities and community meetings, in various formats

The Own Your Path Experience

Community Experiences
Forums, social and learning spaces based on counties or regions, group chats in various configurations

Learning Experiences
Online, in real-time, with teachers for English language and digital skills classes, as well as asynchronous learning, at their own pace

24/7 Support
With the help of Azurel the chatbot, which can answer children’s questions about timetables, contracts, scholarships, or connect them with their Regional Coordinator

Annual Report 2022