Volunteers & Volunteering

Teo Baciu

Florin Șunel

Chief Technical Officer
Volunteer since 2022
Sebastian Bălan

Florin Șunel, Chief Technical Officer, Technology Services at UiPath says that from the beginning of the collaboration, he felt that his team and ours spoke the same language. “We are privileged because UiPath Foundation is very close to us, and we have the opportunity to help without necessarily stepping out of our day-to-day work” he says. Another crucial thing in the collaboration between UiPath and UiPath Foundation is the trust that the help provided by the volunteers is put to good use, that what they do really matters and is used to its fullest extent. Only in this way can we make a difference for the future together.

The brief came to us quite well-defined and well-put on paper. What was wanted was quite clear; there was no need for much experimentation or cycles of prototyping and validation. It’s a long-term project for us. When we worked on the Own Your Path Platform, it was important to us to build things that would be easy to maintain later on, and that would allow us to add new functionalities.

Moreover, the opportunity to talk to children about what it means to write software and what it means to be a professional in the software field is a reward in itself. It is one of the things we look for in everyday life. It’s a validation to be able to inspire children and young people to pursue a similar career.

Annual Report 2023